Yoda was Wrong

That title ^ may be considered blasphemy.  It pains me to write it. And it is true.

If (for some reason unexplainable reason) you do not have a hint what I am talking about, Yoda famously remarked “Do or do not. There is no try.”

And that is where Yoda was wrong. Try matters. A lot.


We have created a culture of risk-adverse organizations afraid to try.

Yet risk is the only proof we have that hope is believed in.

We have created a culture of funders that want 100% success.

Yet even the best cardiologists in the world have heart attack patients that die. And they still get paid.

We have created a culture of landlord recruitment for perfect clients.

Yet we have clients that are far from perfect.

We have created a culture where some other city or jurisdiction must have figured it out first and we can just replicate it.

Yet we fail to leverage our local context when applying foreign knowledge.

We have created a culture of ideas parading as “solutions”.

Yet we don’t take the risk to create a strategy to hold them all together.

We have created a legacy of plans.

Yet we are afraid to put them into action lest we not succeed.



And fail.


Try again.

Get better.



You have to try.

You must try.

Lives are in the balance of waiting for the “try”.



About Iain De Jong

Iain is a playful nerd, hellbent on ending homelessness, increasing affordable housing, creating vibrant communities, and expanding the knowledge amongst leaders that influence social issues. Having held senior management and professional positions in government, non-profits, and the private sector, Iain has a wealth of experience and has garnered dozens of awards for his work across Canada and internationally. His work has taken him across Canada, the United States, and to Australia. In 2009, Iain joined OrgCode as its President & CEO, and in 2014 assumed full ownership of the firm. In addition to his work with OrgCode, Iain holds a part-time faculty position in the Graduate Urban Planning Programme at York University.

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