This is the last blog of 2014. Next week I will be taking a little R&R.

Thanks for making 2014 such a memorable one for all of us at OrgCode. Some highlights and memorable moments on our end:

  • I took over 100% ownership of OrgCode at the end of the first quarter
  • White House visit in July thanks to our rewarding work with Community Solutions
  • SPDAT and VI-SPDAT changing the landscape of assessment in the United States and Canada and Australia
  • Seeing complete states tackle coordinated access and common assessment effectively, keeping the people to be served at the centre of the discussion and planning
  • The Alliance conferences in New Orleans and DC
  • The 100K Homes Campaign reaching its goal
  • Gwen departing OrgCode; Kieran departing OrgCode; Jeff joining OrgCode
  • Popularity of training other than SPDAT: Excellence in Housing-Based Case Management, Assertive Engagement, Diversion, and Promoting Wellness & Recovery in particular
  • Completion of a half dozen community affordable housing plans
  • Reaching places we had never been before and making new meaningful connections professionally and personally
  • Maintaining top tier frequent flier status (like that was ever in doubt)
  • Surpassing 1,000 Likes on FaceBook
  • Klout status
  • Having so many people subscribe to the blog, and the popularity of a few select posts in particular
  • Board retreats and leadership development assignments with a half dozen organizations
  • Assisting with Executive searches and transitions for a handful of organizations
  • The fantastic OrgCode team of professionals that are my motivators and friends and the engine that keeps what we do humming along
  • Feeling that the work we do is making a difference, even when it most often means spending 5 or 6 days a week away from home


Keep an eye out for the first blog in 2015 which is all about things I hope happen in 2015!

About Iain De Jong

Iain is a playful nerd, hellbent on ending homelessness, increasing affordable housing, creating vibrant communities, and expanding the knowledge amongst leaders that influence social issues. Having held senior management and professional positions in government, non-profits, and the private sector, Iain has a wealth of experience and has garnered dozens of awards for his work across Canada and internationally. His work has taken him across Canada, the United States, and to Australia. In 2009, Iain joined OrgCode as its President & CEO, and in 2014 assumed full ownership of the firm. In addition to his work with OrgCode, Iain holds a part-time faculty position in the Graduate Urban Planning Programme at York University.

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