Mid-Year Stats

Here we are mid-year. Just tallied up some numbers:

  • I have been to 47 different communities so far this year (some more than once) and other OrgCode team members have been to a dozen more.
  • I have logged more than 100,000 air miles so far this year. That is the equivalent of going around the globe about four times.
  • About 850 people Like the OrgCode FaceBook page. (facebook.com/orgcode)
  • About 1,100 people follow me on Twitter. (@orgcode)
  • More than 105,000 viewers have come to the blog. (wow)
  • OrgCode went from two owners to one (me) earlier this year.
  • “SPDAT” and “OrgCode” are the two most popular terms that lead people to our website through search engines.
  • 110% is what we give it every time we make a presentation, speech or training session. Okay, not quite accurate. Just 100%. I was trying to sound like a jock there with the sports cliché.
  • 1 is the average number of nights I spend at home each week.
  • Lives impacted through our work? Not sure. We hope a few.


Here’s to the second half of the year and the pursuit of being awesome.

About Iain De Jong

Iain is a playful nerd, hellbent on ending homelessness, increasing affordable housing, creating vibrant communities, and expanding the knowledge amongst leaders that influence social issues. Having held senior management and professional positions in government, non-profits, and the private sector, Iain has a wealth of experience and has garnered dozens of awards for his work across Canada and internationally. His work has taken him across Canada, the United States, and to Australia. In 2009, Iain joined OrgCode as its President & CEO, and in 2014 assumed full ownership of the firm. In addition to his work with OrgCode, Iain holds a part-time faculty position in the Graduate Urban Planning Programme at York University.

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